Communication & Psychological Warfare ’10

Motivate your team to play their very best every game in FM 2010!

Are you having problems maintaining your team’s consistency from one match to the next?
Do you feel that sometimes your star players are not performing at their peak and don’t know why?

Then this eBook is for you! Explore the man management side of the game like you never have before!

  • 77 pages of hints, tips and in-depth insight you will not find anywhere else.
  • Fully guides you through a step-by-step strategical process from pre-match to post-match.
  • Unlock the power of player personalities to maximize the development of youth wonderkids.
  • Learn to psych out opposing managers while improving your own player’s morale and form.
  • Covers every team talk in detail; when exactly to use them and why you do.
  • Easy-to-read format; no technical speak – completely understandable to any football fan.

Latest edition of one of the most popular FM guides on the web (over 500,000 readers worldwide)

Brand new for 2010, Communication & Psychological Warfare is back and bigger than ever!

This book will lead you through managing your squad – match by match, player by player – and show you how important a factor psychology is in any football team’s performance on the pitch.

This will help you impose mental toughness alongside your already solid tactics as a
one-two punch that will send any opposing manager shaking in fear!

  • The Psychological Warfare Campaign: increasing match performance, managing your team on and around the big match
  • Match Build Up: preparation, current form, strengths & weaknesses, dangerman, tactical approach, individual form & injuries
  • The Match: understanding the tools; player ratings, morale, motivation, positive, negative and questionable feedback
  • The Dressing Room: pre-match, post-match & halftime team talks; individualizing talks, using & judging player reactions
  • Post Match Reactions: post-match press conferences, fining players, dealing with red cards, fitness and form management
  • Squad Management: day-to-day morale maintenance; commenting on a player’s form
  • Building Harmony: choosing a captain, squad rotation & transfer policies, tutoring, player preferred moves, recommendations
  • Staff Feedback: backroom advice, team talk feedback, the assistant’s team report, coach & scout reports
  • Managerial Warfare: press conferences, new signings, tapping up players, making friends & enemies with other managers
Communication & Psychological Warfare ’10 doesn’t just stop there!


2.5 HOUR “director’s cut” audio version with exclusive extra tips from the authors.
Bonus material that didn’t even make it in to the book! It’s yours absolutely free!

MATT VOM BROCKE (a.k.a. the Next Diaby) is one of the primary beta testers and strategic analysts for the FM game series. The founding father of FM-Britain’s Tactical Think Tank, his Creativo set of tactics favour flair and style which encompasses the sheer creativity throughout all of his work. Matt is the orginal force behind Communication and Psychological Warfare as well as the massive FM Tactical Bible. His contributions to the FM game community as a whole is literally unparalleled; with the exception of the developers themselves.

GARETH MILLWARD (a.k.a. Millie) is one of the core members of Sports Interactive’s “dream team” beta testing group for the FM game series. The tactical forum moderator on FM-Britain, he has been a collaborator, editor and organizer for “Tactical Theorems & Frameworks” since 2007. A master’s level historian, his specialty revolves around the the development and progression of tactical theories in real-world football over the course of this past century. He has also co-hosted the Get Sacked! FM Podcast and is one of the most active and recognized persons in the FM community.

THOMAS LEVIN (a.k.a. Levo) with 10 years of CM and FM blogging under his belt, he has been a contributing writer on virtually every English language fan site. Thomas has developed one of the most solid reputations in the FM community and can be found daily on many of the forums, helping others out with advice on tactics, transfers, finances and overall strategy. Currently runs his own blog at where he shares his passion for the game with thousands of people worldwide.

From the publishers of the famed TACTICAL THEOREMS & FRAMEWORKS of the past five years
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“The eBook is tremendous! I read it cover to cover before my game copy arrived and I felt both excited and prepared to jump in. I continue to reference it now as I refine and adjust my playing style.” – Brian Mack

“I had all but stopped playing FM10 until I saw this eBook and read it. It made me understand the game much better and as such led to me enjoying the game again now that I understood how it worked a bit better.” – John Davenport
“Every time I’m playing FM, I always have my eBook near in order to help me. Since I started, there is always something that I can improve in my game thanks to it.” – Alex Roca
“It was my life saver! I wouldn’t have been able to get up speed as quickly without it. in fact, I may have over looked the power of it all together and jumped into what I was comfortable with.” – Andrew Perkins
“I read it once and it gave me a good kick start in the general understanding and possibilities.I could read it 8 times and still be finding new unexplored segments.” – Anders Jensen
“It’s the best thing out there, better the official FM manual – in fact it should *become* the official FM manual.” – Michael Ofori
“Please don’t publish any more eBooks just yet. My family misses me.” – Tim Taylor

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