Get Sacked Podcast Episode 1-11: FM Live Pricing Debate

Jordan & Millie are back on the podcast after the summer holiday period and there sure are a great many developments happening in the Football Manager scene! Sport Interactive have finally started their official launch of FM Live with 14 starting gameworlds scheduled to be activated in October. With it’s pre-order phase just started and the announcemnt of it’s pricing & subscription lengths, there have been a lot of chatter about the place. Is the price of FML fair or too expensive? Our trusty hosts weigh in with their opinions and try to decipher the roots of recent backlash.

In addition, a preview of the start of the English football season discussing the summer transfer window, newly promoted Premiership sides, the prospects of the “big 4″ and if Luton Town have any chance of staying in the league. A yank and a wank discuss it all!

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