Bifold or French Patio doors

can immediately give your home a fresh and light feel

Choosing French or Bifold doors as patio doors can be useful whether you are looking to create additional space in the room looking out onto the garden, or you are simply looking to create an attractive doorway which will open out onto an area where you can have a barbeque in the summertime with friends and family.

There are a wide range of materials available from aluminum and uPVC to wood or timber. Take into account when installing your new patio doors what kind of weather they will be subject to, as this will increase the chances of wear and tear on your patio doors.

Patio Doors Designs and Costs

  • Patio doors come in a range of styles including French doors and sliding doors, but if you have limited space, bifold doors can be useful if opening out onto a balcony or a small garden as they do not work using a swing door mechanism.
  • Bifold doors can be made using double glazing, providing heat and extra safety to your home. While ordinary French patio doors open outwards, there are a few designs available which can open inwards too. If you really want to create space however, bifold doors are a great option as they fold in on themselves, making them an excellent modern alternative to the sliding patio door.
  • Bifold doors can immediately give your home a fresh and light feel. Like traditional patio doors, they can be opened during the summer to air the house, and closed on cold days to keep heat in and keep out the chill.
  • Bifold doors can be available in oak and hardwood which are built to resist weather, reducing the need for maintenance. They can also be locked in a number of different ways, keeping the home safe from intruders and providing a stylish accent to your home all year round.

Using French doors as patio doors can also be useful when installed in conservatories, whether opening out onto the garden or acting as a door separating the house from the conservatory. When opened out, French doors can make the conservatory an extension of the room backing onto it, making it particularly useful when you wish to create extra space for special occasions.

For internal doors there are plenty of wood or timber options available which will be able to blend in with the general appearance of your home while remaining functional and useful.

These doors can be made to measure, so check the exact requirements for which materials you need and what size you will need your door to be. Find out more about French patio doors if you are installing patio doors for outdoor purposes, check first that the patio doors you are installing will be durable, weather proof and secure.

When looking at installing internal or external doors, check the dimensions of the room to see whether the door will be a good fit.

Replacement Exterior Patio Doors Designs and Costs