Patio Doors & French Doors

The patio has become a common feature of British gardens in recent years. There are a number of products closely associated with the patio – paving, furniture and of course the long time favourite design that are know as French patio doors.

Prices Online For French DoorsThe patio, with the right treatment, is practically an extra room and French door leading from your home to it, provides the perfect link between the indoors and outdoors. The patio door has it’s origin in the traditional french doors or windows.

The basic difference between the two is that the typical patio door is a sliding door, whereas the French window is side hung and opens outwards (or inwards if you prefer).

Patio doors are typically double glazed with an PVCu or aluminium frame that is designed to last, literally, for decades.

The technology has advanced to the point where a complete unit provides an easy opening for the summer coupled with a well insulated door for the winter cold and draughts.

The patio door is a target for would be intruders and so the glass must be made from modern safety glass which is much tougher than ordinary glass.

Further security features are built into the patio doors, so the the locks and hinges are fitted directly into the steel outer frame making for a much more secure door.

The patio door is designed to bring the outdoors into the home by letting in as much light as possible. The door can be flanked by further panels which will not only increase the view outside but also bring more light and space into the room.

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