The Benefits of Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing offers many benefits that need to be considered when determining if this is the right option for you when installing new windows. Windows of this type were first created in Sweden where temperatures tend to drop very low.

Cold draughts are eliminated even when one is standing near the windows. This is due to the thermal insulation which allows the glass pane and the frame’s surface temperature to be closer to the air temperature in the interior of the home. What does this do overall for the home?

Double or Triple Glazed Replacement WindowsWhen you choose triple glazing for your windows, the windows are stronger and more rigid. Extreme weather remains on the outside of the windows rather than in the home and condensation becomes a thing of the past.

Relative heat loss often decreases with the use of these windows and the same is true of sound transmission. If you choose to combine your triple glazed windows with insulated hollow frames, the performance of the windows increases. Another advantage of these windows is they can be larger than their double glazed counterparts and yet you won’t pay more in terms of heating bills.

Windows account for anywhere from 25-30% of the heat loss of a building. Thanks to SOLAR+ technology, windows with Triple Glazing bring 20% more solar energy into your room and keep the heat in. Heating costs go down by 16% as a result and your home uses less energy which is of great benefit to the environment. Why settle for doubled glazed windows when triple glazed versions are offered? There are some drawbacks to choosing windows of this type.

Casements on these windows are limited in terms of their width and weak sash materials may not be able to withstand the weight. If you have casement windows in the home, you’ll often find that Triple Glazing creates a restriction when you open the windows. These windows cannot be used in structures which have little or no insulation either. You need to add insulation before installing the windows in a situation such as this.

Be sure to consider all when determining if triple glazed windows are right for you. The cost is only slightly higher than that seen with double glazed versions. For this reason, many find qoutes for triple glazing at “Double Glazing Pro” is exactly what they want and need

Are Double or Triple Glazed Replacement Windows Better?
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