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The three materials used for window frames are aluminium, uPVC and various types of wood. Choosing the right material may largely depend on your budget. You can find out more here, but broadly speaking uPVC are the cheapest, followed by aluminium, with wooden frames the most expensive.


Double Glazing PricesAluminium windows were once the most popular choice of window frame. The main attribute of Aluminium frames is the strength. This makes them very resistant to warping and has the not inconsiderable benefit of being very secure.

However, it is the relatively poor insulation compared to uPVC that has led to the decrease in popularity.


This is the most popular choice at the moment and it is also the cheapest. uPVC frames are excellent value for money. The main attributes of uPVC frames are it’s durability and value for money.

These frame require little or no maintenance and can be generally left to take care of themselves. There are usually supplied in white and maintain their colour very well. It is possible to get virtually any colour you wish and you can get some ‘effect’ style uPVC frames.

We have to say though that we are not the greatest fan of ‘effect’ styles, we feel you are better off getting the real thing. However, uPVC are an excellent solution and sit perfectly well on most modern style of homes.


Wooden frames are the most expensive solution and are the obvious choice for older properties. Wood is very versatile as well and so can be crafted into virtually any frame, so even the most irregular windows can be catered for.

There are several different varities of wood that are used for frames including pine and hardwoods like cedar.

Wood obviously required more maintenace than uPVC or aluminium, but it is not difficult to give wooden frames adequate protection with the paints and stains availble today.

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