What do Different Patio Doors Cost to buy & install?

Firstly, it’s a good idea to take a look at what the different types of patio doors there are in the market;

  • Sliding patio doors: As the name suggests, these doors slide to open. They are monted within an out frame and move left to right.
  • French patio doors: This is a double door, with 2 side hinged doors fitted side by side within a single outer frame and can swing out or in.
  • Bifold patio doors: These doors close in an accordion or concertina fashion to leave a wide openeing.

Cheap UPVC Patio DoorsFitted with high security multipoint locking systems, our bi fold doors provide excellent protection from intruders, and with its five chamber ovalo profile our doors provide excellent thermal and acoustic performance in addition to aesthetically clean looks.

Our upvc bifolding doors are available in a variety of finishes – white, rosewood or oak as standard. In additon to these colours we have the facility to spray our concertina doors any colour you choose.

4 pane folding doors, with 3 doors sliding to one side and the fourth door acting as a traffic door to provide easy access to the garden without having to open all the doors. These doors are arranged in an open out configuration, however we can also supply folding doors that open inwards

Our new range of slimline bifold doors combine ultra slim sightlines of 132mm with a 15mm low threshold option, all at a very competitive price.

For an instant quote try our Online Folding Door Quoter which includes both supply only and supply and fit prices. Alternatively contact https://www.cheapupvcbifolddoors.co.uk/upvc-patio-doors/ for more information.

Door Type Size Range Price Range

  • Sliding Door From £700
  • Bifold Door From £2600
  • French Door From £700
Cheap UPVC Patio Doors – How Much Do They Cost?
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